5 Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Projects

Blank walls are frankly really uninteresting, though it simply requires a simple makeover to flip them from blah to impress. You are able to make use of decorative stickers, wallpaper or perhaps, for a far more personal touch, help create your own personal kitchen wall decor. Allow me to share several simple tasks to enable you to get started:

Paper Plate Collection

Either look for plates in styles, styles and patterns that fits you and show them as is actually, or maybe rely upon them as frames but putting photo, artwork or recipe within the center. In case you would like to defend the picture, cover everything making use of a covering of a clear varnish or perhaps sealer (including Mod Podge).


Be sure to use a strong adhesive which will keep the pounds in the cutlery – you do not need them coming crashing above the glass in case you least count on it!

Framed Recipes

Many people have a couple of popular recipes we go back to again and again, why is it so make use of them the wall? A great method of display them is actually by mounting them on rectangular light weight aluminum fluted tart tins. This’s also an outstanding, good technique to show those cherished handwritten formulas handed down through earlier decades.


In case your house is actually in a rented apartment plus are not in a position to use fingernails inside the wall space, decorate with vinyl sketches stickers. These’re peel as well as stick decorative arts which can in the assortment of fun designs. I not too long ago came across several humorous “kitcheny” wall structure quote stickers which are currently great conversation pieces.


The point is actually they work simply too there – a huge mirror having a gilded frame is going to be fantastic in the stark white kitchen area and also has the perfect unexpected touch. Or perhaps use frameless mirrors like you’d plates – group a few together.

Kitchens have a tendency to be the ultimate spaces to attain those additional decorative touches, but because they’re typically the region everyone eventually ends up collecting at parties irrespective of our attempts to have friends to be comfy within the living or maybe dining space, they deserve all of the interest because some other location with the building. And as you are able to see, it does not need to be complicated.